Shifty Records Heritage Voëlvry Festival

The Shifty Records Heritage Voëlvry Festival took place on the 24th September 2015 at the Spier winery.

It was a fantastic concert that featured a number of the artists from the Voëlvry tour. The Concert began with a performance by Chris Letcher and Matthew van der Want.

van der Want and Letcher
Matthew van der Want and Chris Letcher

It was great to see Gary Herselman perform some songs from his recent, very successful solo album called rigtingbefok.

Gary Herselman Francois van Coke fokofpolisiekar
Gary Herselman and Francois van Coke of fokofpolisiekar

Illegal Gathering reformed for the concert with Carl Raubenheimer on vocals. A giant poster of James Phillips watched on impassively as his old comrade sang the controversial “Brain Damage”.

Carl Raubenheimer Illegal Gathering Corporal Punishment James Phillips
Carl Raubenheimer poses before his performance.

Marcel van Heerden performed the Koos song, “Is Jy ‘n Moegoe”, backed by the Gereformeerde Blues Band.

Marcel van Heerden Koos Gereformeerde Blues Band
Marcel van Heerden performs “Is jy ‘n Moegoe” with the GBB

Francois van Coke of fokofpolisiekar and van Coke Kartel did an updated version of the Johannes Kerkorrel song, “Energie”.

van Coke Kartel Energie Johannes Kerkorrel
The van Coke Kartel perform their version of Energie.

Valiant Swart sang a number of songs, including “Kleinmond Koebaai”, which was written in memory of Johannes Kerkorrel. He also led the crowd in a rousing version of “Sit dit Af”.

Valiant Swart performing at the Shifty Heritage Festival.
Valiant Swart performing as James Phillips looks on.

Lloyd Ross treated the fans to his hit, the theme song from the TV series “Vyfster”.

Lloyd Ross vyfster
Lloyd Ross performing Vyfster

Tonia Selley did a beautiful version of “Hillbrow”, which left many in the crowd misty eyed, before the Gereformeerde Blues Band performed a number of old hits together.

Tonia Selley Gereformeerde Blues Band Gary Herselman Willem Moller Jannie van Tonder
The Gereformeerde Blues Band reformed for the day.

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