Month: June 2015

Ge-trans-for-meer : How JK foreshadowed Occupy Wall Street

Ge-trans-for-meer was Johannes Kerkorrel’s third solo album. The album’s opening track was “Sê Sê”, in which Rabie exhorted the listener to “Say Say” a prayer for various downtrodden people, such as “the tramp without a bed” and “the school girl, ugly and fat”. In particular Rabie sang about the “AIDS sufferers that are dying” and “The gay broken by ideology,… Read more →

Houtstok-South Africa’s Woodstock

In May 1990 an Afrikaans music festival called “Houtstok” was planned to coincide with Republic Day celebrations on the 31st May. The festival would reunite many musicians from the Voëlvry tour (controversially, Johannes Kerkorrel did not play at Houtstok), but would also feature other artists such as Anton Goosen and Steve Hofmeyr. At that time South Africa was taking its… Read more →

Satanic Verses

Johannes Kerkorrel and the Gereformeerde Blues Band produced one album called Eet Kreef, which was released in 1989. Music critics heaped praise on the album and declared that it was one of the most important Afrikaans popular music albums ever made. In a bizarre twist however, a NGK Minister, Dominee Jannie Malan, declared that if the Voelvry album was played… Read more →