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Die Ander Kant

A video that was made for the song, “Die Ander Kant”, which appeared on Johannes Kerkorrel’s last album, later took on much more significance in the wake of Rabie’s suicide. In an interview, the poet, Johann de Lange, who was a close friend of Kerkorrel, described how alarmed he had been by the imagery of the video. Rabie appears in… Read more →

Liner Notes from the Pêrels voor die Swyne compilation album – by Deon Maas & Janneke Strijdonk

These are the liner notes from the Johannes Kerkorrel compilation album, “Pêrels voor die Swyne”, which was released after his death. The liner notes give a very complete overview of Johannes Kerkorrel’s life and are reproduced in full and unedited by me. It’s a big read, but very worthwhile because you will learn a lot about the life and times… Read more →

Do The Lurch – The Cherry Faced Lurchers

After the Gathering After the bands Corporal Punishment and Illegal Gathering broke up, James Phillips went on to form the Cherry Faced Lurchers. Phillips had decided to leave Rhodes University to complete his degree at the University of the Witwatersrand. In Johannesburg, he reconnected with Lee Edwards who he had met while living in Grahamstown. In the interim, Mike de… Read more →

Johnny is Nie Dood Nie

Johnny is nie dood nie, a movie set during the Voëlvry era and directed by Christiaan Olwagen recently won a number of awards at the annual Silwerskerm Festival. Read about it here. This new movie got me thinking about the influence that Ralph Rabie and the other Voëlvry musicians have had on contemporary Afrikaans musicians. KKNK 2003 After Ralph Rabie’s… Read more →

Koos – Not Kombuis

Koos was a very influential band whose music was truly ‘alternative’ although the band hated that label. A previous post about Koos has appeared on this blog you can read it here Thanks to Donald Ferguson, who took many photographs of the Voëlvry and other bands, some new photos of Koos have emerged. This post adds to the previous one… Read more →

Corporal Punishment

A new documentary about the Radio Rats was screened at the 2016 Durban film festival. This got me thinking about the impact that Radio Rats had on the musicians and bands who were part of the Voëlvry tour. In 1978, the Radio Rats, who had signed a contract with Jo’burg Records, booked a day in a studio to record a… Read more →

Ingrid Jonker – A Tribute

Ingrid Jonker was only 31 years old when she committed suicide by walking into the cold Atlantic Ocean on the 19th July 1965. Remarkably, 29 years later Nelson Mandela would read from her poem ‘The child’ at the sitting of the first South African democratic parliament. Born in Douglas in 1933, Jonker started writing poetry at the age of six… Read more →