Die Ander Kant

A video that was made for the song, “Die Ander Kant”, which appeared on Johannes Kerkorrel’s last album, later took on much more significance in the wake of Rabie’s suicide.

In an interview, the poet, Johann de Lange, who was a close friend of Kerkorrel, described how alarmed he had been by the imagery of the video.

Rabie appears in a forest very similar to the the one in which he eventually hanged himself. The video features Rabie shaving with an old-fashioned razor, in a number of scenes, the sharp blade seems to linger over his neck.

in the video, Rabie descends a flight of stairs with the word “BEYOND” (in capital letters) clearly visible behind him.

De Lange also pointed out how in the video, Rabie’s image was translucent and ghost-like.

Decide for yourself, take a look at the video here.

Source: Interview of Johann de Lange in the documentary “Johannes Kerkorrel – Een Jaar Later” released 2003. Directed by Johan Badenhorst.

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