Studio 54 Revisited

Arno Carstens is back with a fresh new sound. The new single, Empire of the Night, with its up-tempo, pop feel is a big departure from his more recent recordings and indeed from his work with the Springbok Nude Girls. 

The song has more hooks than an I&J trawler. The driving beat and lush vocals, reveal Arno at the peak of his powers, easily making the transition from being South Africa’s Lizard King to dance music icon. The song uses motifs from the glory days of disco and evokes memories of Giorgio Moroder and Janis Ian’s Fly too High. 

Just like Sleater-Kinney’s new album sees that group taking a radical turn away from the type of music that made them famous, Arno Carstens, with this release shows that he is not afraid of new challenges as he embraces change and becomes an emperor in the realm of pop music.

Watch the video here.