Karen Zoid Back with a Banger

Friday brought a bonanza day of new music for South African music lovers with both Arno Carstens and Karen Zoid releasing new singles.

Both artists have acknowledged how Johannes Kerkorrel influenced them as musicians. Read about the connection between Zoid and Kerkorrel here.

In another coincidence, Theo Crous produced Zoid’s new single. Crous plays lead guitar in the Springbok Nude Girls with Arno Carstens.

The similarities end there. Carstens’ new single sees him exploring a new genre in his retro-sounding, destined-to be dance classic, Empire of the Night. Read my review here.

Zoid’s release is a banging ballad, which she told Jacaranda FM is about, “finding beauty and calm in the unknown.” Donker Nag is beautifully delivered by Zoid and will undoubtedly cause thousands of lighters (or mobile phones) to be raised skyward when performed live.

Donker Nag is the lead single off Zoid’s upcoming album Op Die Oomblik -Deel 2.