Some resources that I have drawn on

For my book I have drawn on a number of academic articles written about the influence of Johannes Kerkorrel and the Voëlvry movement on South African culture.

Other resources that have been useful are the books “Kerkorrel” by Willem Pretorius and “Voëlvry – the Movement that Rocked South Africa”, by Pat Hopkins.

Two interesting documentaries have been made about Johannes Kerkorrel and the other Voëlvry musicians. “Voëlvry – the movie” gives a great insight into the tour and “Famous for not being Famous” is an excellent film about James Phillips. Both movies were directed and produced by Lloyd Ross.

I have included the links to a few of my favourite articles below. There are many more available, I will continue to update the website with the articles that I have used for the book.

This article by Leswin Laubsscher is beautifully written Afrikaner Identity and the Music of Johannes Kerkorrel

Another excellent article written by Albert Grundlingh can be found here Rocking the Boat

Clara Lewis née Pienaar wrote a very insightful article about the Voëlvry movement and Afrikaner Identity that can be accessed over here Voëlvry and the Outlawed Afrikaners