Some pieces from the Neil Goedhals archives

Neil Goedhals was an influential artist who started the band Koos with the actor Marcel van Heerden. Read about the band here and here.

At the end of 2016 I was lucky to visit the Neil Goedhals archives and I am posting some interesting pieces from the archives on this page.

This looks like a poster for an early show by Koos Kombuis at Jameson’s with Neil’s image included on the poster.
Lyrics from Koos songs (not Kombuis.)
A setlist from a Koos show. Perhaps
A cigarette pack used as a performer’s pass at the Houtstok festival…see next
An artist’s pass for the Houtstok festival
koos kombuis, neil goedhals, koos, marcel van heerden
A poster for Koos show at the Black Sun
Is jy n moegoe lyrics
Some more lyrics.
Lyrics for Disco Song by Koos
Lyrics for Disco Song by Koos

After Neil Goedhals’s death, Koos morphed into a band known as the Mud Ensemble. Here is a review of one of their shows, written by Charl Blignaut that appeared in the Mail and Guardian in June 1998.

Neil Goedhals art
Postcard by Neil Goedhals

Leave a comment if you have any further information on these pieces from the archives.