Karen Zoid Donker nag

Karen Zoid Back with a Banger

Friday brought a bonanza day of new music for South African music lovers with both Arno Carstens and Karen Zoid releasing new singles. Both artists have acknowledged how Johannes Kerkorrel influenced them as musicians. Read about the connection between Zoid and Kerkorrel here. In another coincidence, Theo Crous produced Zoid’s new single. Crous plays lead guitar in the Springbok Nude… Read more →

Studio 54 Revisited

Arno Carstens is back with a fresh new sound. The new single, Empire of the Night, with its up-tempo, pop feel is a big departure from his more recent recordings and indeed from his work with the Springbok Nude Girls.  The song has more hooks than an I&J trawler. The driving beat and lush vocals, reveal Arno at the peak… Read more →

Kalahari Blues

In 1987 a young protest singer by the name of André le Toit, who would later become known as Koos Kombuis came across an album by Bernoldus Niemand at a flea market in Greenmarket Square. Kombuis was so inspired by the lyrics and music of this album that he recorded a demo of his own music and sent it off… Read more →

Post Punk Depression

Before Bernoldus Niemand, before Johannes Kerkorrel and before Voëlvry there was a South African punk band called Wild Youth. Exploding out of Durban, for a few years they blazed their way through South Africa, leaving many lesser bands in their wake. Known for their incendiary performances which left even James Phillips (who would later record under the alias Bernoldus Niemand)… Read more →

What did an early Ralph Rabie setlist look like?

Skemervonkel In 1980 Ralph Rabie did one of his first live performances at a Skemervonkel event at the University of Potchefstroom. The setlist for that evening makes interesting reading because it reveals that, at that time, Rabie was still performing mainly cover versions of songs with English lyrics. The set included one original Rabie composition, which was also in English.… Read more →